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Danielle Morris-Crandon is the Founder and Managing Director of Social Buzz TT. She enjoys doing her best, with whatever work her hands find to do. As a youngster growing up in Enterprise she would always come up with business ideas/goals which she just didn't know how to put into motion. Life happened, she pursued her undergraduate studies and then worked here and there. Slowly but surely that insatiable desire to chase entrepreneurship and create a business, any business, came back stronger than before.

She has studied and worked in Information Technology (IT) since forever, with an uncanny love for foreign languages. For over two (2) years she devoured paid and unpaid educational content online, writing down several ideas trying to figure out "What Problem Was She Solving?". This serial entrepreneur finally set her heart on helping persons with their social media for their small businesses. An area she saw first-hand to be another possible stressor, that could only serve to distract and detract from one's core business activities.

Especially after seeing what COVID had been doing, she knew that businesses everywhere would have to pivot, to stay relevant and alive. Like it or not, this pandemic was the push some needed to embrace technology. So, late, very late 2020, she opened the doors of Social Buzz TT, inclusive of taking several relevant marketing courses to gain the relevant expertise. Together with her Software Developer husband, they are willing, ready and able to serve their clients with excellence, to help businesses transition from being offline to online, from being analog to digital.

At your service (A la orden)!

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